About me

I am an attorney by day and triathlon enthusiast by night/weekends. I am also a member of the Board of Directors of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, and a volunteer with the Coalition's Cadence Youth Cycling program.   

Like many, I was drawn to triathlon after watching NBC's annual coverage of the Kona Ironman World Championship. Coming from a recreational running background, with no swim experience beyond learning to swim as a kid (doggie paddle and "windmill freestyle" strokes), I was interested in the challenge of mastering the 3 different disciplines. I could run, but I didn't own a bike (and had never owned a road bike), and never swam beyond 1 lap of a pool. Nonetheless, I thought to myself that a sprint distance triathlon would be doable, if I could only survive the swim. 

My first test was to hop into the 25 yard pool at my local gym. I had never been interested in swimming laps, but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the process of flailing around the pool. Sure, I couldn't swim more than one length of the pool without gasping for breath, but I certainly wasn't bored with the process. Score! At that point I decided to jump head first into the sport.  

I have now completed a full Ironman and numerous shorter distance races. Along the way, I've met many great athletes and coaches through various training groups, races, and coaching clinics. The Greater Philadelphia Region boasts some of the best trails in the nation, numerous open water venues, and many different clubs and groups who are all wonderful and supportive. However, I found it confusing to distinguish between all of the different clubs; and time consuming to visit multiple Facebook groups to see who is doing what on any given training day -- and then trying to align those events with my own busy schedule.      

Therefore, I decided to start this site to gather information on all of the disparate groups, teams, and coaching services in our region. It's my hope that this site will serve as a resource to bridge together the Greater Philadelphia endurance multi-sport community.  #livetogetherdiealone